Lets build IoT environment sensors!

Lets build IoT environment sensors!

2017, Mar 12    

QUESTION: What can we learn about our environment?

Growing up in the midwest, I had experienced rain, snow, tornados, and hot summers. Fall, was always the best hoodie weather: low to mid-70's. Winter came with snow that was heavy, bury you car like sand up to the windows type of snow. Temperature down to -18 at times. So cold, your eyelashes freeze to your face. Then spring speeds past half froze still, with rain, and before you know it, Welcome to Hot Humid Summer! My summers were always full of exploring prairie, wetlands, forest, lakes, streams.

But it wasn't until I was living in Okinawa Japan when I got to experience weather, unlike anything I had seen before. Waking up before sunrise one morning, walking down to the ocean to watch the water recede as a typhoon approached was an experience on a whole new level.

Since then our environment has been a huge personal interest of mine. I'm always thinking about how technology impacts the systems where we live. In the hopes to better explain our closed ecological system called Earth, I gave myself a mission.

My mission is to make the highest quality environment / weather information available to every person on this planet.

Sensor owners enjoy:

  • Precision: Get weather conditions for your exact location (not your neighbor's or at the airport).
  • Visualization: See comprehensive dashboards and graphs of your station data.
  • Historical: Archive your historical data so you can always look back.
  • Share: Share your data and help us improve weather forecasting for everyone.

Working together we can DEFINE, MEASURE, and more actively IMPROVE the wellbeing of our communities. We'll be able to harness the power of data to provide a shared understanding of our community's strengths and needs, encouraging collaboration among city leaders, local organizations, and residents to improve our collective wellbeing.