Introduction to Google Apps Scripts

Introduction to Google Apps Scripts

2018, Jul 11    

Google offers an amazing tool to work with along side their GSuite products and that’s Google Apps Scripts.


I found it useful to think about Google Apps Scripts cloud computing like this.

When you turn on a light, you simply want the light to work. You know you need electricity for that to happen, but in that moment, the details of how the electricity gets to the light bulb aren’t important. Google apps scripts are cloud stored and executed functions that can perform actions in response to user, time, or calendar driven events. When your sales and marketing team is checking weekly booking wouldn’t it be nice to perform advanced reporting and filtering on large datasets programmatically instead of manually?

This space is meant as my engineering journal and starting point for following my journey into Google Apps scripts. It will be built out and extended as my knowledge on the topic evolves. Topics to include:

  • Spreadsheet based advanced data filtering, query, and functions
  • EMail automation
  • Desktop publishing
  • Drive service Dev/Ops